About Nebraska Pain Institute

Nebraska Pain Institute is Nebraska's Premier Pain Treatment Center. As the foremost leader in pain management, we offer the widest array of pain treatment options in the state of Nebraska. The doctors at the Nebraska Pain Institute have training from the top institutes in the country. They have traveled throughout the country to seek out the best and brightest to learn from and have brought that knowledge back to Nebraska to further the communities that we serve. We are constantly looking to improve and stay at the forefront of innovation to offer the best and most effective pain treatment strategies. We offer a comprehensive analysis and treatment strategy to improve patient’s quality of life.

We provide a thorough analysis of the origins of patient’s pain and treat the source of it. Nebraska Pain Institute specializes in the treatment of low back pain, CRPS, spinal cord stimulation, kyphoplasty, and the treatment of any refractory pain. We are up for the challenge when other treatments have failed. We don’t mask the pain with gimmicks or creams. We utilize the most up to date research available to provide proven medications, therapies, and injections that reduce pain and improve patient’s quality of life.


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